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Caravanning with Kids: Tips and Advice


Packing up your family, hooking up the van and hitting the road with the kids might not seem like a dream escape to every parent. But for those of us who love the outdoors, continuing to camp, travel and explore Australia’s incredible destinations once kids enter the picture not only feeds our souls, but does wonders for our kids and grandkids, too.

If it’s been a few years between road trips or you are a newcomer to camping holidays, you might well baulk at the thought of leaving behind the comforts and well-oiled routines of home-life. But, in reality, camping holidays with children can be one of the simplest escapes you can make.

The kinds of camping trips you decide to take may depend on the ages of your children and your experience and confidence in packing up and hitting the road. My first camping adventure as a parent began when I became a first-time mum to daughter Maya and tackled a five month-long ‘Big Lap’ as a reporter for Australian Geographic. It was, undoubtedly, a baptism by fire, hitting the road with my photographer partner David in an impossibly modest campervan, with a huge workload ahead of us, and our then four-week-old baby to nurture.

I look back at photos of those early days on the road and now understand why people stopped, stared and told me I was insane. Maya was a Continue reading